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Hot Blog Summer continues with some thoughts on one of my favorite games, "Paradise Killer":

I also seem to have gotten my blog's ActivityPub feed working well enough as @admin to be worth mentioning. 🥳 (Mastodon mentions are a Whole Thing, especially for a feed like that., if the above isn't clear/usable.)

Beat Saber 

The song of this week is definitely Unlike Pluto's "Everything Black", mapped by nolan121405: (h/t to some Beat Saber Discord I'm in for this being their level of the week/month)

The patterns are simple—I almost got an SS on E+ (my first ever!?) on my first play of the song—but the song is a real banger and the map is dancy. I played it three times in my session today. 😅

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I'm revisiting The Sea Will Claim Everything starting today because it's the tenth anniversary of its release. Or maybe that's the day after tomorrow, Wikipedia can't be sure. If you haven't played it, please check it out! It's ten bucks on Steam and it's super fun and good.

Gardening people,
Any good 101 resources on mulching? I'm super curious to try using dead knotweed canes for it. But, I'm not much of a gardener and frankly don't really understand how mulch is meant to be used.
I'm hoping to get some veggie starts in a few weeks and plant them out. I guess the idea is to loosely layer the mulch around the plant (with some breathing room) to help keep it warm and moist. But how much should i add? And when should i add it? And do you use it in herb gardens too? And when is it a bad idea?

(This will be closely monitored and a small experiment so don't worry about the knotweed spreading, I'll be keeping a very close eye on it)


Well, this turned out super long and super dense, but if you're interested in setting up to route incoming VPN connections to an outgoing 3rd party wireguard connection, plus have Android automatically switch wg connections on your Android when you enter/leave range of home...

*deep inhale*

...I wrote about how to do it:

This week, I discovered that if you have no furniture, you can fit 29,200 turnips on your floors. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Beat Saber 

On a semi-related note, sometimes it's really nice to see a playthrough of a song by someone that isn't perfect. is a play of "a.i.ngel (Become God)" by someone who does great (they get an "A") and who fucks up in exactly the ways I do. 😂 I have to move my body a lot more to land some of those hits, but it's interesting to find out which segments are also difficult for other people. My essay on failure in BS will need to touch on that feeling of isolation... 🤔

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Beat Saber 

Monday's session heavily featured the aforementioned "a.i.ngel (Become God)" by Virtual Self (, which I did beat on E+, and "Weight of the World (JVNA Remix)" (, which is incredibly fun.

Both of those maps also hold up at their easier difficulties, although the Expert "a.i.ngel" map was maybe too hard for that label? That's okay, Hard was still good. "Weight of the World" has a great one-saber mapping with some good fast bits on E+, too.

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aha i remembered to record this time
(timelapse, flashing, bright colors)

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ds9 was like a whole damn series about the evils of colonialism and racism

Reminder to check your backups! I was reviewing some snapshots and a GPG signing key had expired, so the whole backup was stale for some period between today and my last verification.

Looking to Follow + Lots of Hashtags 

I'd love to find some more indie game developers who are making horror games that I could follow.
Favourite for me to follow, boost to help me find more devs! Thanks!

(Screen reader warning) Lots of tags for maximum reach: #Godot #GodotEngine #HorrorGame #Indie #IndieGame #GameDev #IndieGameDev #Game

What I'm listening to today: "Mutable Instruments Rings triggered by drums"

This is a drum solo with a physical trigger on the bass drum so every time the bass drum hits it advances a sequence on a modular synthesizer. In other words the drummer controls the entire piece, the synth conforms its tempo to the drumming and when the drummer starts switching the rhythm up the music adjusts to it in a really natural way. Technically interesting, but also an incredible mood!

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Tech question, does anyone have any good beginner guides to #godot ?

Just going to put up some hash tags to help #godotengine #gamedev

lmao just found this comment on my GOTO 2018 talk on database safety 😂

Beat Saber 

The highlight of my last couple of sessions is definitely "a.i.ngel (Become God)" by Virtual Self (, which I stumbled upon in the Anniversary Pack playlist last night. I haven't been able to beat it on E+ yet, but holy shit, I'm having fun trying. 😁 Highly recommended.

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I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Can Androids Pray: Blue:

Beat Saber 

I only did a few songs, and enjoyed both the brain issue of everything being flipped, plus the switch in difficulty. For instance, on "Balearic Pumping" (E+), it was a little easier when my right hand was doing some of the complex asymmetrical shit, but the slowness of my left arm made the cross-body swings real tough.

I guess I'll keep playing around and see where this goes. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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