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Beat Saber 

So the above technique seems to be a winner—I was able to beat the segment at 85%, which is a big jump up.

Today was really a day for Camellia's "What the Cat?!" on E+, tho, which I've been nibbling on for months. It has one of the funnest endcaps on a difficult segment in any of the base songs, and I finally nailed that section at 95% speed with an "A" today. 🏆🥳💃🏾

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Beat Saber 

Next is Camelia's "Final Boss Chan", which hasn't grown on me a bit.

Now Tanger's "Firestarter" is an absolute fav, even though I can't beat it on E+ yet. I love the early tempo/pitch play, especially. I can beat every part of the map except for the two diagonal flurries of notes around the 0:35 mark and somewhere in the back half. A redditor suggests moving ones' hands in circles instead of trying to flick the wrists, so I'll give that technique a go soon (

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Beat Saber 

I've still been chipping away at OST V in , and it's grown on me a lot over the last month. I finally beat "$1.78" on E+ a couple sessions ago, although I failed it on my next try. 😁

I wrote previously that I could play all but the final bit of "Firestarter"—that was a whopper of a typo. That was "Curtains", which has a tangly part at the end. It's been a very long time since I've lived in Texas, but is it weird that "Curtains" reminds me of Tejano music? Anyway, it's fun.

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Not been doing much talking about coin-ops on here huh. Here's how a pinball machine can tell when you're being too rough with it. This image won't be captioned 'cause I'll describe it in the toot.

So hanging from a brass bracket is a steel rod with a cone-shaped weight attached. The weight is surrounded by a metal ring. The ring and the bracket form part of a circuit, so when the game is jostled too roughly the weight swings into the bracket, makes contact, and tells the player hey cool it.

So... The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe comes out in a week, and it seems to be shaping up very nicely: It's definitely going to meet *my* expectations. 😂

Have you played my new RPG Get in the Car, Loser! yet? Travel to fight evil with STYLE, FAST-PACED BUILD-DRIVEN TACTICAL COMBAT, and HOT-BLOODED JUSTICE! The base game is free, with 84% positive ratings on Steam!


Beat Saber 

Today I managed two shorter, more normal sessions, including a dab of multiplayer! The Beat Together mod is available for testing, so Gregory and I kicked the tires on it.

With the hard things happening recently, is in a bit of easy mode for me: songs I can't beat, I just enjoy playing in Practice mode slower and/or NF. I'm playing favs instead of pulling down new songs, and practicing tricky segments just a few times before moving on.

BS as comfort food, I guess. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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Beat Saber 

My couplefew weeks of work shenanigans were followed by two weeks of a cat health crisis. I finally knocked the dust off a bit Saturday on Gregory's older... Vive? Index? Whichever.

Y'all, those controllers are *so heavy* compared to the Quest 2's! I've prolly only played an hour total with them, but there ain't no quick flick of the wrists with those. Failed so many songs that are in my regular rotation. 😅

Felt very good to play again, though.

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One of my favorite facts for introducing people to "everything you think you know about the Middle Ages is a lie" is that at one point in medieval Wales, a woman could divorce her husband for having bad breath

This tells us a couple of important things:

1. Divorce existed
2. Women could initiate it
3. Bad breath wasn't just accepted as a fact of filthy medieval life

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Chicory: A Colorful Tale:

calendaring, cli - help? 

does anybody have a known-working, non-trash solution to getting a basic text summary of calendars that (probably?) will give you .ics?

i have a couple of (unavoidable) google calendars and a fastmail one. i'm just trying to write a little script to pull lists of events into my vimwiki notes, not seeking a full-featured interactive calendar app. sorta forlornly hoping to avoid highly brittle hoop jumping.

Beat Saber 

My troubles on E+ levels with corner diagonals have led me to try switching it up again. Swatting down at blocks with the claw grip feels like much less effort than the underhand grip did.

With only about 90 min of practice at it, my accuracy is still even worse than normal, but corners are easier, and so-called "streams" or "piano streams" feel like I'm just patting at the level lightly. I like it. The wrist angles feel unfamiliar, though.

Oh, and I might try making a map soon?

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Beat Saber 

So last Wed I decided to try changing my controller grip to a claw grip, played a short session, and then had to take a full week off. Played a little yesterday and made it all the way through my warmup before I remembered I'm supposed to be trying a new grip. 😅

Using as a reference, I moved from a standard grip to an underhanded reverse claw (basically just choking up on the controller) right after moving to Expert levels, and have used it until last week.

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We need to know which platform to prioritize for the upcoming beta release.

Should we release on Android or iOS first?

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed #mobileApp #android #ios #fediverse

Beat Saber 

Today's session was fun! Courtesy of the new OST, I'm spending more time in base game songs than usual. I'm not sure if I managed any useful OST 5 footage today, and I'm too tired to riffle through my recording tonight. I can beat all but the final 5 seconds of Tanger's "Firestarter", tho! 🤩

I had this fun little moment with a mapping of Weird Machine's "DROELOE" ( where I went, "Why is this in my favorites? I don't think I like this song." And then this:

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Too many people are hoarding all the walk styles for themselves.

I'm sick of all the gait-keeping.

any indie hackers out there making smol mp3 players?

i've been rocking a sandisk, but recently dropped it and broke the clip.

so i'm not trying to replace that, but curious if i can buy one from anyone on fedi?

i'm looking for something that runs on a raspberry pi zero 2 or smaller, can be plugged into a computer as a USB drive, can browse artist/album/song, play/shuffle/repeat.

non-negotiable: has enough courage to expose a headphone jack.

more than happy to over-pay to support the craft.


Future Proof Games 

The latest ep of our podcast is out (two days ago, oops 😸):

If you play Exploit: Zero Day, there's some chat about design work on new puzzle nodes there. If you like Rosette Diceless, we talk about the campaign I was in and some additional helpful bits we released. And if you're an Ossuary player (OG!), there's news about a weird bug in it.

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