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dev, granny square colors 

:skyhappy2: Granny Square Colors update complete. I started about 08:15 (currently 20:30), and took about 3-3.5 hours off for other work that had to be done. But DNS propagation aside, the deed is done.

I ran into all sorts of mildly annoying issues that I didn't catch due to not testing exactly the domain + reverse proxy + SSL combo before release. I checked pairings of those, but not all three at once. C'est la vie. I'll do better next time, for sure.

All of you who are building ”alternatives to goodreads”!

Please keep in mind that
- not all #books are published in english and
- there are translations of books and
- people may read several different language versions of the same book, even at the same time.

Brought to you by a #goodreads user who can't mark two different language versions of a book as being ”currently reading” simultaneously.

Cw: cat very ec

I got this inquisitive look from Freya and she stayed still long enough for me to get the pic. I love it so much

@makegodgayagain They are VERY helpful for topics.
So even if things I post might not be triggering, I know that some people may not want a huge thing about a niche topic. I use a CW for it (most of the time).
It's a really cool tool

new website up at

(will move to proper domain once i get the old content off that wordpress instance)

Please excuse the lack of styling & content; it's very new and ambitious in scope.

😫 The winter sale caught us off-guard (we didn't get the email telling us to set it up), so I just spent a whirlwind couple of hours setting up banners and blog posts for both it and another upcoming holiday sale.

I hate when that stuff sneaks up on us, whether it's because we let it slip or because the storefront didn't send an email out. Seasonal discounts should be super routine (or, I mean, not a thing at all, because fuck steep discount culture and fuck capitalism).

granny square colors 

Someday I'll get into the habit of posting my dev updates here, too, but:

tldr; I'm waiting until post-Chrimmus (but pre-New Years) to do the big update so that all the last-minute crafters using the site for patterns won't be caught out without access before their due date. 😂

I'm really interested in science fiction that doesn't presume human ways of understanding and being

So like instead of different alien species being just variations on humans of a similar size and body type, starting with a completely different understanding of life and ways of communication

Rather than using the human idea of sapience/sentience, having a completely different way of categorizing and valuing things

Solarpunk Backgrounds
i want to share some of the illustrated solarpunk scenes i’ve come across while internetting. A lot of this art isn’t made for being solarpunk but it gives me strong solar punk vibes

Luc Schuiten
Beautiful cityscapes with organic shapes and a strong art noveau influence.

Victorin Ripert
Concept artist building world and characters.

Sarah Webb
Beautiful scene design. Also does comics and character design.

I’ll love to find more! Does anyone know artists who draw scenes with #solarpunk vibes?

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor:

Not sure if this will get (m)any votes, but what should I stream tonight? Epistory (, which has the bonus of being typing practice on the new keyboard, or more Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor (, which I am enjoying greatly?

cyberpunk 2077 

i don't know how to say "this is not a joke, cyberpunk 2077 literally induces seizures on purpose" in such a way that people realize i'm not joking, cyberpunk 2077 literally induces seizures on purpose

stream update 

I'm rather sleep deprived today, so I'm rescheduling tonight's stream to Thursday at 19:30 ET. :QueerCatHeart: It'll probably still be either Epistory or continuing Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor.

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