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An inexpertly taken shot, but I think my orbiter quarters are starting to come together. My Helminth charger Henry Oak certainly seems comfortable. ๐Ÿถ :QueerCatHeart:

As my computer use continues to evolve, it's less and less likely I'll be posting meaningful things here. :(

The current alternative is that I'll be sending out an email broadcast - once public, once for paid subscribers, talking about the various sorta stuff I talk about.

For now, I'll be using Substack, a proprietary service, since they provide the necessarily payment processing without unreasonable overhead.

Since y'all have gotten access to all my rambling without any sort of gate so far, anyone who wants a paid subscription, just DM me your email and I'll hook you up.


My idea of playing a narrative game in small chunks on a bi-weekly stream has turned out to be a bad one. The chunks are too small and the time b/t too long, especially for a game like Bioshock that requires good situational awareness.

I want to keep regularly streaming between my monthly Future Proof Plays. ๐Ÿค” I might just pick a random game that could be anything from Warframe to some random indie game. I might opt for longer Bioshock streams on non-weeknights when the urge strikes.

I see a lot of undescribed screenshots boosted lately. Text in pictures is the most inaccessible, rude thing. I'm so tired.

Please take the time to type the text as a response and boost it as well, if you have the ability and feel the message is worth your time. If you don't think it's important enough to reach ALL your followers, why is it important enough to reach those who happen to have the ability to read it (while hurting others)? Maybe just don't share it? And / or tell the original author of the toot to add a description themselves if they can.

I know and I understand not everyone can do it all the time (I find it hard sometimes too), but most of the time it's just ignorant and rude, if you ask me.


I wasn't going to bother posting any more of these because honestly I am probably not going to go this direction, but I do really like this one.

#PixelArt #MastoArt #GameDev

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US Politics (Election and mental health) please read and boost :boost_ok:โ€‹ 

So this week I made sure I had a therapy appointment scheduled after the election.

I HIGHLY recommend (if you are able) you also schedule yourself one for the Wed-Friday after the election.

No matter how you think the election is gonna go, having a therapy appointment the day after the election in 2016 really made a difference for me.

I am not doomsdaying here, (though if you are able, please vote) but I suspect whether or not Biden wins, I will need therapy that day if only for the sheer anxiety in the buildup.

Please schedule one ASAP (assuming you can do therapy) because we are about a month away, and I don't know about you, but my therapist books several appointments in advance.

music rec 

My love of the music in Paradise Killer (probably due in part to basically being raised on smooth jazz) led to @gregoryaveryweir suggesting I listen to the Umurangi Generation Official Soundtrack by Adolf Nomura ( which is *amazing*. It's also 82 damn tracks, so that was a whole afternoon of good listening. (The only place I found to purchase it was Steam, but it can be purchased as a standalone.)

Want do something for Indigenous Peoples' Day?

Take the weekend to educate yourself on the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit crisis.

Learn about how rail and energy lines are the cause of workcamps that provably lead to this genocidal mechanism. Learn about how it's you whose lifestyle those lines are built for.

Learn what you can change about yourself, to stop the system that requires such murder.

No more stolen sisters.

If anyone is in the mood to watch a chill gardening game, @gregoryaveryweir is streaming "Cloud Gardens" over on twitch:

i know people have issues with this site, but i just looked at twitter for a few minutes and people are debating the condition of a right-wing terrorist's backyard


"But if you yourself have a dangerous heart condition, that doesnโ€™t count. So your child goes to school, brings home the infection and you die. No parent should be forced to risk that. We should be given a choice."

THIS is the bit every blustering pillock who demands schools above every safety concern does not consider, or give a shit about.

A lot of us are also living with the ticking timebomb of something, having that time cut shorter is not exactly inspiring.

hey white people, the DARVO thread going around is good resources for spotting bad actors in the community that come for the BIPoC, especially the Black femmes on the fedi. if you want to help stop racists smearing reputations, its important to understand what you're dealing with

RIO DE JANEIRO โ€” The old man knew he was dying. The disease he'd been warning of for weeks had taken hold, and it wouldn't be long now. He looked to his son, who would soon be the leader of what remained of their people.
The old man was fluent in five languages, but the one he chose to speak now was one that virtually no one else in the world could understand.

โ€œAwiri nuhรฃ,โ€ Aritana Yawalapiti, 71, said in the language of the Yawalapiti, an Indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest. โ€œTake care of the people. Take care of the land. Take care of the forest.โ€

'There are no wordsโ€™: As coronavirus kills Indigenous elders, endangered languages face extinctiont

Paradise Killer 

I think I could get a USB stand like and an adapter to use either my PS4 or Xbox controller, but that seems like a hefty expense for a single game. Maaaybe I should switch (haha) to the PC version, and just put this in the list of "types of games not to play on the Switch". ๐Ÿค”

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Paradise Killer 

I'm a couple hours in on Paradise Killer now, and I really don't like wandering around in a first-person POV using joysticks. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Looking around and aiming with my right hand is slow and jerky.

I assume console folks get used to this in their first walking sim or FPS, but I think my playthrough of Obra Dinn last year was the first FP game I played on a controller, and that was a proper PS4 controller on Steam instead of the wide and flat Switch Lite setup.

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