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Mastodon android clients 

While I'm mildly annoyed at needing to find a new client for Mastodon (and Peertube!) to avoid potential blocks to accessing my full feed, I am so relieved it's possible and only took 30 minutes of trying apps.

I haven't used Tumblr since their Dec 2018 policy change, but the utter obnoxiousness of their mobile app felt like an inescapable trap that added problems to an already busted SM platform. I miss tumblr's format for my fandoms, but not anything else about it.

uspol, environmentalism 

The Trump Administration Just Gutted the Endangered Species Act

Last week I spent time talking to a Christian... constitutionalist? originalist? Someone who thinks the Founder Fathers nailed it and that people/govts shouldn't be mandated to help others. His focus on diminishing spheres of empathy leads me to wonder if he thinks ecological shit like this doesn't matter until it hits his backyard or his local-ish economy.

I'm too tired to ask him.


Sometimes I wonder if Tr*mp voters who like him because he "negotiates" even care if he does it well. Evidence suggests no. 😑

🌱🌱🌹🌱🌻 🌱🌺🌱🍄
🌱☘☘🌱🌱🌱🌱🌻 🌱

Vulcans: Vulcan ethics is complicated
Also Vulcans: *act like any 13 year old after reading Marcus Aurelius the first time*

💃 @zenlucy is streaming Baba is You over at! This is my first time seeing the game, tbh. 🙈

Random suggestion: I've been playing "Heaven Will Be Mine" lately, and it's super weird, gorgeous, fun, and very queer. It's taken me a bit to get a handle on the political/historical situation in the game, but I'm loving it so far.

guys, guess what, i just got off the phone with the ceo of capitalism and its over guys we did it capitalism is cancelled guys

I should note that I'm only three eps in, so Kirk Hamilton (the host) might pivot to talking more about the cultural aspects somewhere along the way.

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😍 I fell completely in love with a podcast today: It's an accessible, technical breakdown of songs that goes into chord progressions, vocal techniques, instrument usage, etc. I've wanted something like this forever.

It's not a podcast that discusses cultural aspects of songs or production, though, so while Toto's "Africa" episode is very, very good, there's only one passing remark about the lyrics of the song. I can get that elsewhere, so that's okay with me, but YMMV.

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Inside My Radio:

Imagine not being a CEO and being against collective bargaining like baby who hurt you

gab federation warning 

oh also gab is going to be open sourcing their version and from a video they made it appears theyre documenting how to set it up so just blocking flagship may not be enough. i dont have advice for this.

oh i never posted the link to these

the artist will mix and match symbols and materials for you too, if you message them.

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Is there a word for someone who isn't technically in a fandom because they don't watch the primary media around which the fandom congregates, but they are friends with so many in the fandom that they enjoy the jokes, references and fan made artistic endeavors involved with said fandom?

Like, being a member of the fandom through osmosis?

US concentration camps, resources wanted 

What politicians, people, groups, orgs whatever are actively, like with specific tasks, working to stop the U.S. concentration camps? Don't care how or what, looking for anyone relevant.
(this isn't a callout, I want to find a way my little spoonie self can somehow do something)

#US #activism

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