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I should note that I'm only three eps in, so Kirk Hamilton (the host) might pivot to talking more about the cultural aspects somewhere along the way.

😍 I fell completely in love with a podcast today: It's an accessible, technical breakdown of songs that goes into chord progressions, vocal techniques, instrument usage, etc. I've wanted something like this forever.

It's not a podcast that discusses cultural aspects of songs or production, though, so while Toto's "Africa" episode is very, very good, there's only one passing remark about the lyrics of the song. I can get that elsewhere, so that's okay with me, but YMMV.

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Imagine not being a CEO and being against collective bargaining like baby who hurt you

gab federation warning 

oh i never posted the link to these

the artist will mix and match symbols and materials for you too, if you message them.

Is there a word for someone who isn't technically in a fandom because they don't watch the primary media around which the fandom congregates, but they are friends with so many in the fandom that they enjoy the jokes, references and fan made artistic endeavors involved with said fandom?

Like, being a member of the fandom through osmosis?

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US politics 

US politics 

ok so I need advice from the hive mind: if you were going to a conference by and for trans folks, and a trans psychiatric specialist was giving a talk, what would you want to hear them talk about? HRT and mental health? Meds? What would you wanna see them focus on, regarding trans issues and mental health?

"The emphasis on “personal data hygiene” more or less ignores the questions of who has time, money, and access to the spaces and rituals of purification." Excellent in and of itself, plus many book recs here I want to pick up.

c/o @gregoryaveryweir

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I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Alt-Frequencies:

My stream of Alt-Frequencies (a game about time loops and maybe conspiracies??) is starting shortly!

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