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My ice plant (Nananthus transvaallensis or maybe Nananthus vittatus?) flowered yesterday! A bright way to say goodbye as I packed for a trip to Toronto. #gardening #nananthus #iceplant #flower

TFW you want to blow-dry your hair but disturbing a comfy cat is LITERALLY a crime. (Well, it should be.)

"ethical" commercialization of self under capitalism?, alternatives query, plzboost? 

馃尡馃尡鈽橉煂别煂仇煂别煂 馃尡馃尡

Selfie, eye contact 

*squee*! We updated "Ace Systems Go!" (which is free) this weekend with some post-jam improvements, including more story content! 馃拑馃従

I did some good cleanup of my front "yard" this afternoon. I haven't repotted last year's plants yet (and most are still indoors!) but I took down the cold frame and arranged some of my collection. I was pleased to see that a new-ish addition to my garden, a #sedum autumn fire, flourished over the winter months. 馃槏 My #agave held up beautifully (and maybe grew a smidge?), and my small #cacti seem as alive as they were when I put them in the cold frame. 馃槹 #succulents #stonecrop #gardening #cats

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play 39 Days to Mars:

馃尡馃尶馃尡馃尶馃尡馃尰 馃尡鈽橉煂
馃尡鈽橉煂别煂拆煂别煂拣煂别煂 馃尡

Beautiful takedown via book review 

wouldn't it be amazing if college/university was just like a casual thing? like it's just a place you can go for free whenever you want, don't have to apply or anything, anyone can come in and sit in on a class theyre interested in.

sort of like a library. and there's no tests or anything, it's just for if you want to know more about a subject

Seeing "Us", then starting to watch "Step Up Charlie" (Idris Elba, Netflix) has led me down a fun road of language over the last day. None of these are esp. new, but I hadn't seen them.

First, technical geekery about accents in TV/movies:

Then, Elba explaining some British slang: He's all "I was setup. I don't know anything." Then proceeds to explain Cockney rhyming slang. 馃檮 馃ぉ

"Us" movie (no spoilers) 

Hrm. Turns out the auto-split feature in is a little weird with mentions. 馃

parents' social media about their children 

parents' social media about their children 

A morning in emojis: 馃樆馃槾馃樆 鉃★笍 馃槱馃樋馃檧馃殫 鉃★笍 馃彞馃樉馃檧馃槡

(don't worry about the -- it's a routine visit; they hate it anyway)

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