Question from somebody on discord who doesn't have mastodon since y'all know hosting stuff

"Idk if this is the right channel for it, but do yous happen to know any good website hosting services for sites containing pornographic art and weird leftist zines? Ive been wantin to put my stuff on its own site but its hard to find places that are willing to host that. Im esp interested in co-op/nonheirarchical ones."

not really a self promo, but it is something I made that can optionally be paid for 

I've had the strange desire to play my own game lately (other players' creations in it, not my own), and sometimes I'm just delighted at the puzzles folks have made in our system. My puzzle for turning my brain away from a work problem I'm solving this afternoon is Took me two minutes to figure out where to even start. ๐Ÿ˜… I have not beaten it yet.

I finished Gris tonight, and I'm not sure I've ever played a game that succeeded so well at being sad without really pulling stunts to do it.

I contrast that with a game like Edith Finch that pretty bluntly trains you on when it's time to be worried sick and when it's time to feel incredibly sad/horrified.

Gris--which tbf, has different design goals than Finch--is a fascinatingly gentle exploration of grief. I didn't stream my final hours with it, so I really got to sit with it patiently. ๐Ÿฅฐ

I'm still catching up on uploading--and transcoding, which is the looooong part--my backlog of stream archives, but I've been playing some kick-ass games recently. They'll all go live with CC from the get-go.

I'd try streaming on directly instead of, but given how slowly transcoding runs, I don't think that would be a satisfactory experience for anybody.

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I've just chewed up an entire month's quota (~90 hours), but I have basic closed captions on just about every video on!

I've generally given the server a lot of love in the last week: updated to v3.3.0; fixed a whole bunch of broken videos caused by messing up my s3fs and nginx config (some videos are still re-transcoding), and made myself a helpful little Grafana dashboard to see peertube job data (based on work over at

Activision-Blizzard has hired one of the foremost union busting firms to "manage" their employees' concerns. it didn't even take them a week.

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Yoga, disability, travel 

I'd love some specific recs for bags to help me get stuff to and from a yoga class. Items are: a wide mat, blanket, small bolster, one block. I can carry the mat + a bag of the other items for a street block or so, but often have to park several blocks away, which is painful.

I've been looking for slender ~28 inch rolling duffels; nothing is standing out as good quality but not bulky. Folks in a similar sitch: would you just go for a regular travel-type rolling duffel?

streaming, medical 

Promising Friday nights and then spending my afternoon wrestling with myself to either keep the stream, reschedule it, or cancel it for that night does it does not bring me joy. I'll find another way, something more fluid. :QueerCatHeart:

I'm starting physical therapy next week, and while I'm not at all certain I'll be able to avoid additional surgery/surgeries, I'm eager to see if this round will bring fresh ideas and strategies that can help.

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streaming, medical 

In light of my increasing shoulder issues and building chronic pain, I'm going to stop trying to hold fixed-schedule bi-weekly Twitch streams. On the few evenings that are options for something to be regularly scheduled, I'm wiped out and don't really want to be "on" for a stream.

I'll keep my monthly Future Proof Plays streams for sure, and will stream outside of those (Celeste must continue!), but not on a rigid schedule.

Apparently, the reason the NHS contact tracing app fell over on my fairphone was because some e users got very concerned about their ~privacy~ so the solution that e came up with was to silently kill the app I was relying on.

My best friend has cancer and I thought I would get exposure notifications which is slightly more life and death than privacy fantasies of fossbros.

They ~silently~ disabled the entire covid thing. I am so livid. This was supposed to be better than google, but in this case they've showed way less sense and responsibility

(I'm going to at the companies involved rather than subtoot them:
@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation )

I think I realised an unconscious perception I had of exercise / working out that was wrong, and based on ambient absorption of my surrounding culture.

I was thinking it was about growth, and so was continually trying to progress - more weight / reps / steps / minutes etc. I would inevitably burn out or get hurt.

But growth is the wrong paradigm. Stability and sustainability is the right paradigm. Not โ€œHow can I do more today?โ€, but โ€œWhat can I do every day?โ€.

Perma-exercise ๐Ÿ˜€


A wonderful Sunday afternoon making sourdough pancakes and watching @gregoryaveryweir stream Grapple Force Rena. ๐Ÿ˜ I'm not very skilled at making pancakes, but these are coming out okay.

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