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Now that I know about the existence of PDUs (reddit.com/r/homelab/comments/), I spent a couple hours yesterday getting NUT set up on my home network.

Even after having to research how to configure pfsense, Synology, linux/Raspberry, and the Ansible role, *and* typing "slave" waaaaay more than I prefer to...

I still find the word "nut" to be childishly funny, even in this context.

I feel pretty good about that. 😅

If you live in the US and have either * Medicaid
* SNAP/Food Stamps
* Federal Public Housing Assistance
* Tribal Specific Program

or just don't make much money, you qualify for $30/month off your internet bill (and $100 off a computer/tablet)

Apply at affordableconnectivity.gov/

Beat Saber 

Today's rec is a real ab workout. 😍 "Illusion" by BassNectar and PEEKABOO (ft. Born I) in the Anniversary Pack (bsaber.com/songs/4b2e/) is so damn hard on E+. Lots of fast cross-body swings, which are easiest (lol) for me to do if I keep my core very tight. I played/failed this song a handful of times last night, and I am indeed sore today. 😅

Here's a very respectable play of it: youtu.be/xMKtZlQEwRo

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I've been playing a lot of No Man's Sky with the recent update. It's been super fun to come back after a two-year hiatus. I nibbled on the Expedition for a few hours, then started to a new normal save; I feel more invested there.

I remembered how some of the game's systems worked, but I'm definitely (re)learning refinery loops, tech trees, and upgrade dos/don'ts.

I'm aiming to stream a bit Tuesday night. 💃🏾 Not sure if I'll go back to the Expedition or stick with my normal save for the stream.

This is absolutely wild: a large swath of the Chinese Wikipedia's Russian history articles turned out to be faked by someone who was bored at home: vice.com/en/article/pkgbwm/chi

Hell of an imagination and dedication, honestly. I hope she'll be able to turn it in a healthier direction in the future.

Amazon buys Roomba maker! Finally, Amazon gets to know the layout of our houses and can tell us where we still need more furniture! Yay!


#surveillance #datasecurity #bigbrother #amazon #roomba

@RadiantEmber This is hilarious. "I'm allowed to add a door, because I have to get to work." 🤣

@maloki Hm. I was over on mastodon.social back in 2019, so maybe there?

I just posted a new video!

This Sims 4 Build Challenge is Now Impossible

The build challenge definitely didn't go as planned but at least it was exciting lol

I need a reasonable file manager on my phone, because the stock one is like frustrating me to no end (I can't make folders where I want for one)..

Any recommendations on android?

@RadiantEmber @xenon I agree! I streamed Beat Saber for the first time this week, and was also worried about my talk-to-silence ratio, since I have to concentrate pretty hard on tougher levels. I know that some folks do want commentary on difficulty, cool segments of the map, or the song overall, but that doesn't need to be constant patter. Folks seemed to be cool with some exclamations of joy/dismay during the level, with more chatter between songs.

Instead, the head of the system is blaming unions for worker shortages while drivers are getting hurt/killed, buses aren't running, *there's a whole secret company running things*, and unasked for federal agents are roaming the main transit center.

Bruh. Pay your fucking workers, do something about that contracting company, and get rid of the extra cops.

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So I knew the public transit system was having a hard time, but I hadn't realized it was as near the breaking point as so many other societal systems are now: qcnerve.com/opinion-things-are

Biggest reveal there is that our transit operations have apparently been run by an underperforming private contractor for years??? and very few city leaders knew about it?? wbtv.com/2022/07/14/private-co The city could be making bank off this company if they charged the fees we're owed for shitty service.

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