Future Proof Games 

The latest ep of our podcast is out (two days ago, oops 😸): futureproofgames.com/blog/2022

If you play Exploit: Zero Day, there's some chat about design work on new puzzle nodes there. If you like Rosette Diceless, we talk about the campaign I was in and some additional helpful bits we released. And if you're an Ossuary player (OG!), there's news about a weird bug in it.

#loveindies, indie games 

is here! I'm streaming "one night, hot springs" tonight (npckc.itch.io/one-night-hot-sp) over at twitch.tv/events/F62ypqAnRCqyZ I'd love recs of other small games I could stream this week. My list of games I also need to review is... long. 😅

This might be dorky, but I'm very excited is starting next week. 💃🏾 Aside from the stuff @gregoryaveryweir and I will be doing to bring visibility to our own stuff, I'm going to be doing a bunch of streams, writing reviews, etc. I'll try to share stuff I'm enjoying here.

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