A couple years ago, a potter running a shop in Asheville, NC told me that although they'll "never say it" (🤔), potters hate doing commission work. I've wanted to commission two weird pieces for few years, and now I'm even more self-conscious about doing so.

Is that even true, or was it a bad overgeneralization?

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@melissa i mean i think there are artists in any medium who don’t love commission work because they just want to work from their own inspiration

But there are definitely also artists of all mediums who like commissions because it gives them a chance to consider interesting ideas they never would have come up with on their own

@melissa it makes me wonder- why would an artist not say “I don’t take commissions”, or something similar, if they feel that way? Do commissions make so much more money that they feel they must take them?

@nein09 I wondered that, too! There's gotta be a strong economic component, right? I felt super weird asking for clarification at the time, so I didn't. 😅

@nein09 @melissa

yeah, very interested in this now that I see it

pure speculation, but I wonder how much unpredictability factors in? Like, the potter knows some things will work, some won't, but maybe the cost of bringing the client up to speed & steering them away from stuff, eg, guaranteed to explode in the kiln is too much?

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