streaming, medical 

In light of my increasing shoulder issues and building chronic pain, I'm going to stop trying to hold fixed-schedule bi-weekly Twitch streams. On the few evenings that are options for something to be regularly scheduled, I'm wiped out and don't really want to be "on" for a stream.

I'll keep my monthly Future Proof Plays streams for sure, and will stream outside of those (Celeste must continue!), but not on a rigid schedule.


streaming, medical 

Promising Friday nights and then spending my afternoon wrestling with myself to either keep the stream, reschedule it, or cancel it for that night does it does not bring me joy. I'll find another way, something more fluid. :QueerCatHeart:

I'm starting physical therapy next week, and while I'm not at all certain I'll be able to avoid additional surgery/surgeries, I'm eager to see if this round will bring fresh ideas and strategies that can help.

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