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:skyhappy2: Granny Square Colors update complete. I started about 08:15 (currently 20:30), and took about 3-3.5 hours off for other work that had to be done. But DNS propagation aside, the deed is done.

I ran into all sorts of mildly annoying issues that I didn't catch due to not testing exactly the domain + reverse proxy + SSL combo before release. I checked pairings of those, but not all three at once. C'est la vie. I'll do better next time, for sure.

dev, granny square colors 

My setup of CSP (using also became more trouble than it was worth for today's release.

The settings were sticky af, and clearing Django's cache *and* restarting Daphne and nginx weren't enough to update CSP header with changes from 馃檧 I didn't want to let getting the Paypal donate button to load take more than an hour (...or two) today. 馃槄

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dev, granny square colors 

I do want CSP, so I'll definitely get it sorted out, but the fiddly-ass addition of every domain to my backend settings file (meaning a code push!) feels like a real bad way to manage this. I need to do more research.

For now, I'm going to go do all the shit I normally have to do on a Sunday, and let any errors that flow in accumulate until tomorrow. I've had a moderately busted heater for a week and my goddamn fingers hurt from coding in a chilly office for 12 hours.

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