no man's sky 

I started NMS for the third time since the 2016 release. My first two attempts were <30 min each.

It's sticking better this time, but I can't really decide if I'm in the mood for a base building game or a space exploration game. 馃槄

The funniest shit is my hands going, "Oh, this is an Astroneer" or "Oh, this is a Satisfactory" and pressing the wrong keys to navigate tools and menus just about every time.


no man's sky 

tbh, as soon as I can make creature pellets, I'm just going to spend hours feeding every critter I can. :QueerCatHeart:

I'm also really enjoying at least the beginning of learning an alien language.

Oh! And I have a head consisting of a ball of light, and what the ever-loving fuck? I love it and I switched to 3rd person briefly just so I could see it.

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