I started Paradise Killer last night and 馃グ馃グ馃グ. It's so pretty and weird. The worldbuilding reminds me of "Heaven Will Be Mine" right off the jump, with some shit like: "Lydia Day Break. Your oldest friend. Born in Mwana Falls, Kenya in AD 1001 under the sign of Beautiful Spectre." If that were my sign, I'd give a shit about astrology.

As a PC gamer playing my first first-person Switch Lite game, I'm struggling a bit with the controls, but it's already getting easier.


Paradise Killer 

I'm a couple hours in on Paradise Killer now, and I really don't like wandering around in a first-person POV using joysticks. 馃槱 Looking around and aiming with my right hand is slow and jerky.

I assume console folks get used to this in their first walking sim or FPS, but I think my playthrough of Obra Dinn last year was the first FP game I played on a controller, and that was a proper PS4 controller on Steam instead of the wide and flat Switch Lite setup.

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Paradise Killer 

I think I could get a USB stand like stores.horiusa.com/dual-usb-pl and an adapter to use either my PS4 or Xbox controller, but that seems like a hefty expense for a single game. Maaaybe I should switch (haha) to the PC version, and just put this in the list of "types of games not to play on the Switch". 馃

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