women's/NWHL hockey 

Ugh, this is bad. I knew the money was terrible and that access to facilities and training was subpar, but the details are still striking:

For the NWHL's only response to be to call it a smear campaign is gross. It reads as if all they can see is their current squabble with the PWHPA instead of the substance of the piece or the feelings of players. Workers rights are important, and from contracts to facilities, they've been handing out table scraps.

women's/NWHL hockey 

@melissa this is, unfortunately, par for the course for lots of women professional athletes. Not as bad as pissing in a bucket, but even the USWNT for soccer has for YEARS been complaining about low pay, low access, basically subpar everything compared to the MNT despite being wildly more successful. Unfortunately, without an equivalent of Kobe doing what he did for the WNBA for them, this will likely drag for decades, especially given the response

women's/NWHL hockey 

@melissa also, FUCK Paul Mara for saying NHL players wouldn't complain about paying for their own travel. No shit, their league minimum is $650K. Asking someone who makes $5K in comparison but has the same practice schedule is absurd

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